Procedure Text : Pengertian, Karakteristik dan Contoh soalnya

“Procedure text is a piece of text that give us instructions for doing something.” Procedure text adalah sebuah teks yang memberikan kita perintah atau instruksi untuk melakukan sesuatu. “Procedure text  is a text that is designed to describe how something is achieved through a sequence of actions or steps.” Procedure text adalah teks yang dirancang untuk menggambarkan bagaimana sesuatu dicapai melalui urutan tindakan atau langkah-langkah.
Jadi dapat disimpulkan disini, procedure text adalah jenis text yang bertujuan untuk menggambarkan suatu perintah atau instruksi tentang bagaimana sesuatu dicapai sesuai urutan atau langkah-langkah yang benar. Dan biasanya judul procedure text diawali dengan “How to ….“. Contohnya misalnya seperti “How to make a cup of tea” (Cara membuat secangkir tea), “How to Use the Computer” (Cara menggunakan komputer), dan masih banyak lagi contoh lainnya.

B. Karakteristik/Ciri ciri Procedure Text

1. Biasanya Mengunakan Simple Present Tense dengan rumus (S+V1)

2. Berbentuk imperative/bentuk perintah,

3. Menggunakan action verbs, contoh: make, take, boil, cook,

4. Menggunakan temporal conjunctions, contoh: First, then, next, after that, last

5. Menggunakan conjunctions untuk mengurutkan kegiatan, misalnya then, while, dan lain-lain.

6. Menggunakan adverbs untuk menyatakan waktu, tempat, dan cara , misalnya for five minutes.       .

7. Menggunakan adverbs untuk menyatakan tahapan, misalkan the first, the second, the third, the last.

C. Tujuan Procedure Text

Procedure text sendiri dibuat mempunyai tujuan tertentu untuk pembaca. Tujuan teks sendiri bersifat komunikatif.

“The social purpose of procedure text is to show how something is done through sequence of steps which enable the reader to achieve the goal.”

 Tujuan sosial procedure text adalah untuk menunjukkan bagaimana sesuatu dilakukan melalui urutan langkah yang memungkinkan pembaca untuk mencapai tujuan.

“The purpose of procedure text is to tell the reader how to do or make something through a sequence of actions or steps.”

Tujuan dari teks prosedur adalah untuk memberitahu pembaca bagaimana melakukan atau membuat sesuatu melalui urutan tindakan atau langkah-langkah .

D. Jenis-jenis Procedure Text

Procedure text dalam bahasa inggris mempunyai beberapa jenis. Berikut ini ada 3 jenis procedure text yang harus Anda ketahui.

1. Procedure text yang menjelaskan bagaimana sesuatu bekerja atau bagaimana menggunakan instruksi/operasi manual , misalnya , how to use computer, how to record video. how to use plaroid camera.

3. Procedure text yang menginstruksikan bagaimana melakukan aktivitas tertentu, misalnya, how to make a noodle, how to dance, how to play basketball.

4. Procedure text yang berhubungan dengan perilaku manusia, misalnya, how to succeed, how to live happily, how to be a good person.

E. Generic Stucture of Procedure Text

Procedure text memiliki skema susunan umum atau generic structure. Berikut ini generic stucture of procedure text:

1. Goal         : Memberikan informasi tentang maksud/ tujuan prosedur text.

2. Materials  : Daftar materi/ bahan-bahan  untuk melakukan suatu prosedur atau langkah-langkah.

3. Steps       : Daftar urutan instruksi/aktivitas untuk mencapai tujuan sesuai langkah-langkahnya.

4. Result     : Hasil dari serangkaian langkah-langkah yang telah dilakukan.

F. Contoh Procedure Text

 Berikut ini contoh procedure text

                                        How to Make Ice Cream

2 cups milk or cream
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
Several cups of Ice
1 cup salt
You need these supplies to make ice cream
Tub or large coffee can to hold salt and ice
Glass bowl or small coffee can
Electric mixer or whisk
Ice cream scoop
Storage container for freezer

First, setting up the cooling apparatus. Stir ice and salt in the larger container.
Then, combine the ingredients. Mix together the milk, sugar, and vanilla in the glass bowl. Then, set this bowl in the tub filled with ice and rock salt, making sure that the salt water does not spill into the bowl.
Next, mix the ice cream. Mix the ingredients in the small container vigorously. The salty ice mixture will cool the mixture down until it turns into ice cream. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes to stir the ice cream using either method. Stir until it is free from ice crystals and is the right consistency.
Last, storage and serving. ice cream is ready.

                                                    How to Operate Computer

Aim           :To share how to operate computer correctly.
Materials   : A computer and a set of computer devices.
Steps         : How to Operate Computer itself consists of three stages, they are How to Turn On The Computer, How to Operate The Computer itself and How to Turn Off The Computer.

                                                   How to Turn On The Computer

Before turning on the computer, there are several things to be aware of to make sure devices such as keyboard, mouse, monitor and a power cable in a state of connected to the power supply and make sure the PC is installed the Operating System. Here are the steps to turn on the computer:
•    Press the power button on the CPU
•    Push of a power button on the monitor
•    Wait a few moments until the loading process window pops up windows and computer / PC is ready for use.

                                                 How to Operate The Computer

After the computer restarts, the next process is to Operate Computers. So that you can more quickly master the computer, then use the computer according to your needs and goals. If you are a designer, you can use Design Software like Corel Draw, 3D, Adobe Photoshop and others to better focus on the activity of your design. If you are a programmer, you can use Visual Basic, C ++, Java, PHP and others to support your work. If the your learning objectives on the computer is just for Typing, Sending E-Mail, Making Letters and other activities which support the work of your office, then Microsoft office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) and little knowledge of the internet has a very quality to help you lighten your work.

                                                 How to Turn Off The Computer

To turn off the computer (Shutdown), there are several steps that must be considered as belows:
1. Close all the applications you use.
2. Click the Start menu (XP) / Logo Windows (7) in the bottom left corner.
3. Select Shutdown and wait a while until your computer is completely shutted down.
4. After the computer completely off, press the button on the monitor and other computer devices.
5. Unplug it from the socket to save power and anticipate the occurrence of electrical short circuit.

H. Contoh Soal Procedure Text

Choose A, B, C, D or E to answers the questions about procedure text!

Soal Procedure Text 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, in case of emergency, take the life jacket which is located under your seat.
Put the life jacket over your head and then fasten the jacket tapes around you’re your waist.
Do not inflate the jacket until you left the aircraft. The jacket will be automatically inflated by pulling a cord, but if not, you can blow into the chip to inflate it.
A light is attached to the jacket for attracting attention. The life jacket should be removed only in case of emergency.
The use of TV set, AM and FM radios and radio cassettes recorders, walkman, and any mobile phones are prohibited on board as they interfere the communication and navigational system.
We wish you an enjoyable flight.

1. Where is the life jacket located?
A. Over the head
B. Around the waist.
C. Outsite the aircraft.
D. In the back of the seat.
E. Under the seat.

2. What can interfere the navigational system
A. Table.
B. The life jacket.
C. Mobile phones
D. The attached light.
E. Tapes around the waist.

Soal Procedure Text 2

                                      A quick and easy cheese cake recipe

Yield : 6 servings
Prep. Time :5 minutes
Cook Time : 40 minutes
Total Time : 45 minutes

16 ounces cream cheese, 2 packages, softened
½ cup sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla
2 large eggs
4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 prepared Graham cracker crust

Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla at medium speed until well-blended. Blend in 2 eggs. Stir in chocolate chips then pour batter into Graham cracker chust. (you may sprinkle ¼ cup mini semi sweet chocolate chips on top if you desire).
Bake at 35calcius for 40 minutes, or until certer is almost set. Cool.
For best results refrigerate for 3 hours.

3. How many persons is the cake for?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 6
D. 35
E. 2

4. The goal of the text is to tell about . . . . .
A. how to beat cream cheese
B. how to blend sugar and vanilla
C. how to bake chocolate cheese and cake
D. how make chocolate cheese cake
E. how to make mini sweet chocolate chips

5. The text is called a/an . . . . .
A. explanation
B. description
C. procedure
D. report
E. spoof
Soal Procedure Text 3

                                            How to make a Cheese Omelet

1 egg, 50 g cheese, 1 cup milk, 3 tablespoons cooking oil, a pinch of salt and pepper.
Frying pan, fork, spatula, cheese-grater, bowl, and plate.

• Crack the egg into a bowl
• Whisk the egg with a fork until it’s smooth
• Add milk and whisk well
• Grate the cheese into the bowl and stir
• Heat the oil in frying pan
• Turn the omelet with spatula and cook both sides
• Place on a plate, season with salt and pepper

6. The text above belongs to……
A. narrative
B. Procedure
C. news item
D. Spoof
E. recount

7. The text tells us about……
A. how long to make any kind of food
B. ingredients of making omelet
C. utensils of making omelet
D. methods of making omelet
E. how to eat a cheese omelet

8. The followings are methods of making a cheese omelet, except…..
A. cracking the egg
B. whisking the egg
C. adding milk
D. cheese-grater
E. heating the oil

9. How much cheese do we need to make a cheese omelet?
A. one gram
B. three grams
C. five grams
D. fifteen
E. fifty grams

10. ……is a tool with a flat flexible blade used for mixing and spreading.
A. Pan
B. Fork
C. Spatula
D. Plate
E. Cheese-grater

Soal Procedure Text 4

                                                    Recipe for French Toast
You are going to need:
4 pieces of bread
1 spoon of sugar
2 eggs
A quarter of a cup of milk

Before you start to cook, you have to read the recipe.
Now you can get ready. After you read the recipe, put everything on the counter.
When everything is ready, break the eggs, pour a quarter of the milk in the bowl, then add a small spoon of sugar. Mix the eggs, milk and sugar.
Next, put a piece of bread in the bowl with the eggs, milk and sugar. Turn over the bread.
Now, put some butter in the pan. Turn on the stove. When the pan is hot, take the bread out of the bowl and put it into the pan. After you cook one side of the bread, cook the other side. After you finish the first place of the bread, cook the other pieces. Now you have French toast!

11. The type of the text above is called …..
A. Recount
B. Narrative
C. Description
D. Procedure
E. Report

12. The purpose of the text is ……..
A. to describe French toast
B. to explain about French toast
C. to tell the reader how to make French toast
D. to entertain the reader with French toast
E. to persuade the reader to make French toast

13. Who is the text better addressed to?
A. An expert chef
B. A student learning at home
C. A husband left by his wife
D. A mother at home
E. A boy/girl left by his /her mother

14. “Before you start to cook, you have to read the recipe.” The underlined word means …….
A. a set of learning instruction
B. a written statement that one has received money
C. a written statement that one has received something
D. a doctor’s written order for a particular medicine
E. a set of cooking instruction

15. “You are going to need.” The expression and what it follows belong to …..
A. event
B. steps
C. materials
D. purpose
E. orientation

Soal Procedure Text 5

                                           How to Make Starfruit Punch

• 250 gr yellow starfruit in slices
• 100 ml water 2 spoonful of vanilla
• 8 teaspoonful of lemonade extract Procedure
• Put slices of starfruit and water in the blender. Wait until it’s soft. Skim it.
• Add syrup, lemonade extract, and soda water. Stir thoroughly.
• Pour it in the glass and put in the ice cubes.

16. What is the text about?
A. How to make starfruit punch
B. The ingredients of starfruit punch
C. How to use blender
D. How to stir thoroughly
E. How to slice starfruit

17. …..lemonade extract and soda water. Stir thoroughly. The word “stir“ means….
A. to make smooth
B. to boil
C. to cut
D. to make dry
E. to move an object in order to mix it

18. Which of the following procedures is true?
A. Put slices of starfruit in the glass.
B. Put ice cubes in the blender.
C. Skim two spoonful of vanilla.
D. Skim the slices of starfruit and water which have already been softened
E. Wait until the ice cubes are melted.

Soal Procedure Text 6

Burning a CD allows you to take music from one CD and transfer it onto another CD. This process is possible with any computer that has a CD driver, but it is easier on a computer that can run two CDs at once. Either way, you can copy all your music from one CD to the next. Here is how to copy from one CD to another, using one and two CD drivers.
Instructions Burning with two CD Trays
1. Insert the CD from which you want to burn music into your computer’s CD tray. Insert a blank CD into your computer’s second CD tray.
2. Open windows media player and wait for it to recognize the CD.
3. Click the “burn” option at the top of Windows Media Player. Drag the songs you want from the list of your songs into the area on the right labeled “Burn List”.
4. Choose the blank CD onto which you want to burn your song. This can be done at the top of the Burn List Menu.
5. Click the “Start Burn” button when you have all the song you want for the CD added to the Burn List. Wait for your computer to finish the CD, then take both of the CDs out.

19. What is the topic of the text?
A Running two CDs.
B. Opening Media Player.
C. Copying a compact disc.
D. Choosing the blank CD.
E. Inserting the CD into computer.

20. What should we do after click the “burn” option at the top of Windows Media Player?
A. Choose the blank CD onto which you want to burn your song.
B. Open windows media player and wait for it to recognize the CD.
C. Wait for your computer to finish the CD, then take both CDs out.
D. Click the “Start Burn” button when you have all the songs you want from the CD.
E. Drag the songs from the list of Songs

21. “The process of copying CD is possible with any computer…” The word “possible” is closest in meaning to…
A. Improbable
B. Probable
C. Unlikely
D. Doubtful
E. Suspicious

Soal Procedure Text 7

1 tb margarine, dairy free
1 tb Vegetables oil
1 c onion – chopped
8 oz Mushrooms – sliced
1 lg Garlic clove – minced
1/3 celery – thinly sliced
3 c Soybean milk
4 c Potatoes – cubed ½ inch
¼ ts Black pepper
1 ts Salt, or to taste
1 tb Parsley – chopped

1. Saute onion, garlic, celery, and green pepper in hot oil and margarine about 3 minutes. Add sliced mushrooms and sauté 3 more minutes.
2. Add soybean milk, black pepper, salt and potatoes. Bring mixture almost to a boil; reduce heat and simmer 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Make about 6 cups. Thin with extra soybean milk if soup is too thick.
4. Garnish with parsley and serve with the veal.

22. The text states that …
A. extra soybean milk must be added if the soup is too thick
B. six cups of soy bean milk must be added to the soup
C. soybean milk is used merely for garnish
D. extra cups must be provided for everybody
E. the soup must be thick to make it easy


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