Recount Text : Pengertian, Generic Structure, Contoh dan Latihan Soalnya

A. Pengertian Recount Text

Sahabat yang budiman! Recount text adalah jenis text dalam Bahasa Inggris yang digunakan untuk menceritakan kembali suatu kegiatan, peristiwa, kejadian ataupun pengalaman pribadi seseorang yang bermaksud untuk memberikan informasi kepada pembaca/pendengarnya.

Sahabat  yang budiman! Recount text terkadang memiliki arti penting bagi seseorang karena bagaimanapun pengalaman pribadinya terkadang akan menjadi catatan sebuah perjalanan hidupnya. Seseorang juga terkadang ingin mengabadikan sebuah peristiwa, moment  ataupun kejadian penting yang dia alami untuk menjadi cerita yang akan bermanfaat di kemudian hari.

Sahabat  yang budiman! Recount text memiliki beberapa macam jenis teks yang disesuaikan dengan cerita dan tujuan penulisannya.

B. Jenis Recount Text

Sahabat yang budiman! Secara umum, ada 3 jenis recount text. Ketiganya adalah sebagai berikut :

1. Personal recount. Personal recount adalah recount text yang berfungsi menceritakan tentang pengalaman pribadi penulis.

2. Factual recount. Factual recount adalah recount text yang berfungsi untuk menyajikan laporan peristiwa yang benar-benar terjadi, seperti laporan percobaan ilmu pengetahuan ataupun laporan kepolisian.

3. Imaginative. Imaginative adalah jenis recount text yang berfungsi menyajikan sebuah cerita imaginatif. Lalu menuliskan peristiwa atau kejadian yang telah terjadi.

C. Generic Structure

Sahabat yang budiman! Dalam membuat recount text, ada struktur yang harus diikuti saat menulis jenis teks ini. Struktur recount text terbagi menjadi 3 bagian :

1. Orientation

Sahabat yang budiman! Dalam orientation penulis/pembicara memberikan latar belakang informasi yang dibutuhkan pembaca/pendengar tentang apa yang terjadi, siapa saja yang ada dalam cerita itu, mengapa cerita itu harus ditulis, dimana kejadiannya, kapan waktunya  dan bagaimana sebuah cerita atau peristiwa itu dapat terjadi. Orientation pada prinsipnya harus dapat menjawab pertanyaan 5 W 1 H. ( What, Who, Why, Where, When and How).

Sahabat yang budiman! Di dalam bagian ini, penulis diharapkan untuk memberikan pembaca informasi yang diperlukan untuk memahami keseluruhan dari teks. Contoh paragraf orientation adalah sebagai berikut:

Yesterday I stayed the night at my friend’s house, Delia, with my other three friends, Amanda, Tiara and Clarisse. Delia’s house is so pretty. It has a big garden with a lot of kind of flowers and a big swimming pool. Right from the balcony, we can see the scenery of the whole of Bandung city

2. Events

Sahabat yang budiman! Dalam tahap kedua ini, penulis dapat menyampaikan kronologis cerita secara berurutan. Kalaupun recount text adalah menceritakan tentang perjalanan seseorang maka mulai dari waktu berangkat hingga akhir perjalanan harus diceritakan secara detil time by time. Tidak boleh melompat-lompat dari hari pertama langsung disambung pada hari ketiga. Bahkan waktunya pun harus berurutan dari satu jam ke jam yang lainnya.

Sahabat yang budiman! Dalam tahap ini, penulis juga akan menggunakan urutan kronologis kejadian, seperti ‘In the first day... . In the second  day... , In the next day, ……. In the last day...’. Atau “ In the morning,…….in the afternoon,… the evening,……………then,……….. Contoh paragraf events adalah sebagai berikut:

When we first arrived at 8 AM, Delia has welcomed us and asked us to get around the house as she explains all the room inside her home along with its function. After walking around the house, we gathered at Delia's room to put our things. Then, we go to the garden and have some tea while chatting with each other.

At 12 PM, Delia asked us to eat the lunch prepared by the chef. The food was delicious. It was a traditional food from Korea. After lunch, we decided to go swimming. We had a good time.  Around 5 PM, we cleaned ourselves and prepared for a BBQ session for the night. We ate a lot of meat and saw the city lights of Bandung City.  Right by 11 PM, we got back to the house and sat in a circle in Delia's room to talk and have some discussion.

3. Reorientation

Sahabat yang budiman! Reorientation bertujuan untuk memberikan pendapat penulis/pembicara tentang sebuah pengalaman ataupun tentang sebuah kejadian dengan lugas dan jelas. Tahapan terakhir ini juga  merupakan tahapan pengulangan pengenalan yang ada di tahap pertama. Pengulangan yang ada merangkum semua peristiwa atau kejadian yang diceritakan.

Sahabat yang budiman! Selain itu, di tahapan terakhir, penulis bisa menuliskan rangkuman dari semua peristiwa atau kejadian yang diceritakan. Penulis juga bisa menuliskan komentar atau kesan personal terhadap peristiwa atau kejadian yang telah terjadi. Adapun contoh paragraf reorientation adalah sebagai berikut:

We finally go to sleep around 2 AM, it was late, but we had so much fun. I would love to go back to Delia's house.

D. Ciri-ciri Recount Text

1. Using the simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, and past perfect continuous tense.

2. Using temporal sequence, e.g. On Saturday. On Monday, On Sunday

3. Focus on specific participant, e.g. I (the writer)

4. Using the conjunctions, such as: then, before, after, etc.

5. Using action verd, e.g. went, stayed

E. Contoh recoun text

1. Personal Recount Text

Text 1

                                                                 My First Experience

1. Orientation

At that time, I was 17 years old. I asked my father to give me a gift which is a motorcycle. However, my wish was rejected by my father because I was still an adult. Then, I asked my father to teach me to ride a motorcycle. Initially, my father refused my request and promised to teach me next year, but I sulked.

2. Event
Finally, my father tought me to ride a motorcycle in a field near the house. Father gave instructions on how to drive it. First, my father led me from behind and I was riding on my father. Over time, I want to try it myself. I was happy and proud to be riding a motorcycle.

A few days later, I tried to ride a motorcycle on the narrow street of my house. I was nervous when there was another motorcycle in front of me. Unexpectedly, my motorcycle hit the wall which made me falled from the motorbike.

3. Re-orientation

I was afraid of being scolded when I got home. But the reality, my father was very proud of me. I was also given advice to be more calm in driving.

Text 2

I spent my last summer in Seoul, South Korea. I went there by myself for a four days solo trip.

On the first day, I was landed at Incheon Airport around 7 AM after a 6 hours long flight. Then I went to Seoul by train and checked in to the hotel I already booked. I decided to take a rest for a while. At night, I went to Hongdae, a famous district in South Korea. I went to eat traditional Korean food and went around the neighbourhood. On the next day, I went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Museum. I also went to learn how to make Kimchi and see the scenery of Seoul from Seoul Tower.  I went back to the hotel at 10 PM and immediately went to sleep.

On the third day, I went to the Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ. DMZ is a border barrier that divides South Korea and North Korea. I also went to Dora Observatory. From here, we can see how North Korea look like through binoculars.

I spent the 4th day walking around Myeondong and buy some stuff and souvenirs for my family and friends. I went to the airport at 3 PM since my flight is at 5 PM.

I have a fantastic experience in South Korea, especially get to see directly how the Korean Peninsula is. It's a great trip.

Text 3

1. Orientation
Last Wednesday, I was late for school. That’s because I played online games until 3:00 a.m.

2. Events
At 5:30 a.m., my mom tried to wake me up. But, I ignored mother’s words and continued to sleep again. Suddenly, I was jolted from my sleep and saw it was after 06:30. Without thinking, I took a towel and immediately ran towards the bathroom. I saw breakfast that had been served by my mother. But, I didn’t have time to have breakfast.

Usually, I go to school with my mother. But, mother had gone to the office before I woke up. Finally, I went to school by public transportation.

It showed at 06.49, the public transportation that I wanted arrived. The trip to school took about 8 minutes. Because it was busy, the streets began to jam and made my trip a longer time.

I arrived at school at 7:10. While the class starts at 07.00. I ran to the classroom, but the teacher didn’t let me in because it was past schedule.

3. Re-orientation (Kesimpulan)
Finally, I had to stand outside the classroom and lost one lesson. I was embarrassed and promised not to repeat it again.

Text 4

                                                          My First Trip to Pari Island

Last September, I went to Pari Island for a holiday. I went there with Sarah, Andi, Eveline, and Yoko. That was my first time to travel there.

Our boat departed from Muara Angke port to the island at 8.00 AM. We arrived at Pari Island around 10.00 Am. After that, we went to our guest house that we had booked before. Fortunately, our guest house was located near to the port, so we did not have to walk so far. The first thing that we did after that was rent bicycle. It only cost IDR 20.000 per day. Then we did cycling for a while and had lunch before we decided to do snorkeling.

When we went snorkeling, the fisherman who became our guide brought us to the beach far enough from our guest house. We did snorkeling there. The water was very clear. We could see groups of tiny fishes and beautiful coral under the sea. After we did snorkeling for approximately three hours, we returned to our guest house. We ended up the first day by getting dinner and took some walks around.

On the second day, we woke up so early to watch sunrise. We did not need to go far to watch the sunrise because our guest house was so near to the beach and we could watch the sunrise there. Sunrise on the beach, what a beautiful view!

After we spent long enough time to watch the sunrise, we decided to get breakfast. There was a festival at that time. We went to the festival and had breakfast there. We ate some delicious sea foods. We felt time went so fast that day. We needed to return to our guest house because our boat that would bring us home would depart at 10.00 AM.

In summary, my first trip to Pari Island was so enjoyable. I would like to visit this place again together with my family in another chance.

2. Factual Recount

Text 1



On April 15, 1912, Titanic, one of the British largest and luxurious liners, sank into the North Atlantic Ocean which about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada.


That giant ship which carried 2,200 passengers and crews had struck an iceberg. Two and a half hour later the ship sank into the deep North Atlantic Ocean at 2:20 a.m.

From that tragedy, more than 1,500 people went down in the sinking ship. Some of them froze to death in the icy North Atlantic water and around 700 people (high class woman and children) survived.

Unfortunately that giant luxurious ship was not equipped with much more lifeboats and good emergency procedures so that the victims of that tragedy were more than the half passengers and crews.


That tragedy became popular again some years later after James Cameron directed a movie entitled Titanic in 1997.

The movie that was inspired by the tragedy of the sinking titanic was a fiction story about the members of different social class who meet in that ship and fallen in love. It was the best movie at that year and still remembered by a lot of people around the world until now.

Text 2

The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. A natural satellite is a space body that orbits a planet, a planet like object or an asteroid. The Moon is about 250,000 miles (384,400 kilometres) from Earth.

The Moon travels a distance of 1,423,000 miles (2,290,000 kilometres) around the Earth. The Moon takes about 27 days (27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 11.6 seconds) to go all the way around the Earth and return to its starting position. The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is a slightly squashed circle called an ellipse. Looking down from the north pole we would see the Moon orbiting counterclockwise from west to east.

The Moon is not a light source, it does not make its own light. The moon reflects light from the sun. We can see the Moon because light from the Sun bounces off it back to the Earth.

The Moon has a diameter of 2,000 miles ( 3,476 kilometres). The surface of the Moon has about the same area as the continent of Africa. The surface of the moon has many things on it such as craters, lava plains, mountains, and valleys. Scientists believe the craters were formed around 3.5 to 4.5 billion years ago by meteors hitting the moon’s surface. Footprints left on the Moon by Apollo astronauts will remain visible for at least 10 million years because there is no erosion on the Moon.

Text 3
The Sun is a star found at the center of the Solar System.At around 1,392,000 kilometres (865,000 miles) wide, the Sun’s diameter is about 110 times wider than Earth’s.

Around 74% of the Sun’s mass is made up of hydrogen. Helium makes up around 24% while heavier elements such as oxygen, carbon, iron and neon make up the remaining percentage. The Sun generates huge amounts of energy by combining hydrogen nuclei into helium. This process is called nuclear fusion.

The Sun’s surface temperature is around 5500 degrees Celsius (9941 degrees Fahrenheit). The Sun’s core is around 13600000 degrees Celsius. The average distance from the Sun to the Earth is around 150 million kilometers. Light from the Sun reaches Earth in around 8 minutes.

Because of the Sun’s huge influence on Earth, many early cultures saw the Sun as a deity or god. For example, Ancient Egyptians had a sun god called Ra while in Aztec mythology there is a sun god named Tonatiuh.

3. Imaginative Recount Text

Text 1

1. Orientation

I was dreaming of being super hero when I was a teenager. I imagined myself as Spiderman.

2. Event

One day, when I was fishing at the river I was bitten by a spider and luckily I was not dying.

At first I felt cold for 24 hours and I was alone in my room. Nobody knew about it. I didn’t tell my family because I was affraid they would angry with me.

After that, something had happened in my body and I still did not recognize it. I lived as I did usually, went to school, go home, eating, doing some activities and so on.

I realized at the first time that I had a super power was when I was getting an accident.

I rode a motor cycle and suddenly there was a bus crashed me. I bounced out of the road and my motor cycle was totally broken.

But at that case, I did not feel any hurt. There was no blood out of my body.

I was angry at that time because the bus did not stop and escaped. I run after it and I didn’t know why I could run so fast and jump so high.

I jumped to the back of the bus and climbed it like a spider. I went to the front, stooped the bus and took the driver out of the bus door.

I knew that I was no more normal human being. I did nothing more to the bus driver. I went back home and decided the next action to do after that.

3. Reorientation

I did nothing like the Spiderman at the movie that help people to catch the criminals.

I was an opportunist super hero. I was afraid of killing people so that I hide my power from anybody else. I used my power only when I or my family and friends got into dangerous.

Text 2
I had my most memorable adolescence when I was fourteen.

I called it memorable because everything happened in that era. First, I had a breakout. Acne showed up on my entire face, especially my cheek. I was afraid to come out of my house and meet my friends as I was so embarrassed with my skin condition. Second, I had a crush. But since my face was covered by acne, I have to let my crush go without even try to know him. Third, because of my acne, I got bullied at school. I was sad. Fortunately, Mom gave me good medicine to get rid of the acne. It takes quite a while until my face is clean from the acne, so I promised my self to wash my face before sleep so the acne won't come back.

That was my bad experience with adolescence, though there were still lots of good experience too.

F. Contoh Soal Recount Text

Choose a, b, c, d or e to complete the following recount text!

Questions 1-6 refer to the following text!

On Wednesday, my students and I went to Yogyakarta. We stayed at Dirgahayu Hotel which is not far from Malioboro.

On Thursday, we visited the temples in Prambanan. There are three big temples, the Brahmana, Syiwa and Wisnu temples. They are really amazing. We visited only Brahmana and Syiwa temples, because Wisnu temple is being renovated.

On Friday morning we went to Yogya Kraton. We spent about two hours there. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. Then we continued our journey to Borobudur. We arrived there at four p.m. At 5 p.m. we heard the announcement that Borobudur gate would be closed.

In the evening we left for Jakarta by wisata bus.

1. The text above mainly discusses about……..
a. the writer’s trip to Yogyakarta
b. the writer’s first visit to Prambanan
c. the writer’s impression about the guide
d. the writer’s experience at Yogya Kraton
e. the writer’s impression about Borobudur

2. The text is written in the form of a/an………
a. recount
b. narrative
c. report
d. anecdote
e. spoof

3. The purpose of the text is to……….
a. tell past events
b. entertain readers
c. describe the smugglers
d. report an event to the police
e. inform readers about events of the day

4. What are the big temples in Prambanan?
a. angkor wat, syiwa, and sudra temples
b. paria, brahmana, and temples
c. brahmana, syiwa, and wisnu temples
d. wisnu, syiwa, and borobudur temples
e. borobudur, syiwa, and brahmana temples

5. When did they go home?
a. On Saturday morning
b. On Friday evening
c. On Thursday evening
d. On Friday afternoon
e. On Saturday evening

6. Why did they only visit Brahmana and Syiwa temples?
a. because there was no wisnu temple
b. because wisnu temple was amazing
c. because wisnu temple was too small
d. because wisnu temple was being repaired
e. because wisnu temple was being destroyed

Questions 7-10 refer to the following text!
The police thought that two burglars started the robbery at 151 Pattimura street on Sunday afternoon. The burglars broke into the students’ room while they were going to a football game. They never thought that while they were away, burglars would break into their boarding house.

7. The communicative purpose of this text is………
a. to retell events for the purpose of informing
b. to present perspective points about an issue
c. to describe the way they are
d. to acknowledge readers about informative events
e. to share an amusing incident

8. The text is in form of a/an………
a. description
b. report
c. anecdote
d. recount
e. news item

9. Where did the robbery take place?
a. at 151 Pattimura street
b. at 151 Gajahmada street
c. at 161 Pattimura street
d. at 212 Sisingamangaraja street
e. at 161 Sisingamangaraja street

10. When did the robbery happen?
a. Sunday morning
b. Sunday afternoon
c. Saturday morning
d. Saturday afternoon
e. Monday evening

Questions 11-16 refer to the following text!

I remember the day when I first got Sandy, my 7 year old cat. I wanted to name her because she was so cute. My older sister Michelle convinced me to name her Sandy Bucket instead; so we could call her Sandy for short. I was so attached to Sandy. Every time I saw her, I couldn’t walk away, I would just have to hug her. I even slept at the end of my bed, so I can hug her the whole night even though I was freezing.

I always remember so many fun times with Sandy. Like when we would run and jump off the end of our pier, and Sandy would chase after us. When I was scared or mad, I would just hug Sandy and everything wouldn’t be so bad.

But one night, right before I went to bed, my mom let her out. While I went to sleep, my mom went to call Sandy back in. But she didn’t come in, so I thought she maybe went inside my neighbor’s house. As my mom and dad went outside to look for Sandy, I became really worried. They couldn’t find her. Every ten minutes they would go out to look for her, so I went to bed hoping she was safe. I just thought she got lost and would come back tomorrow.

The next day was the worst. My mom woke us early and told me and my sister, Michelle, that Sandy died last night. I was so sad and did not want to do anything that day. When I was going to school, I could not stop crying. At school all my friends made me cards and tried to make me stop crying, but I couldn’t. my teacher would always look at me and ask why I was crying. Even my friends was crying with me.

When I got home I went to my room crying really loudly. I wanted  to scream. I came downstairs and hugged my mom. She said we could get another cat. Then, she was trying to find a new cat on the internet. But I did not want another cat. I want Sandy. She never found one that looked like Sandy or at the same age or even in the same kind.

That night I slept with my mom and we prayed for Sandy. I kept thinking she was a ghost at the end of the bed, so I stayed closed to my mom. The next day I figured out that if Sandy was a ghost, she would not scare me or haunt me. She would be waiting for me to play with her.

I still think about Sandy every day and wish she could come back.

11.The type of the text is …
a. Spoof
b.News item

12.What is the main idea of the text …
a.Sandy’s dead
b.The lost of beloved cat
c.The careless of the writer’s mom
d.Looking for Sandy
e.The writer slept with her mom

13.How could the cat got lost?
a.The cat played with another cat
b.The neighbour kept the cat in his/her house
c.Someone took the cat to the remote area
d.The thief took the cat
e.The writer’s mom let the cat out one night

14.What did the writer’s mom do to support the writer?
a.She slept with the writer
b.She supported to the policeman
c.She was trying to find a new cat on the internet
d.She bought a new cat
e.She gave the writer money

15.What is the purpose of the text?
a.To tell you about past event
b.To describe a place
c.To tell you a joke
d.To tell you a story
e.To persuade you to do something

16.Which step does the writer use to write the text?
a.Thesis > argument > recommendation
b.Orientation > events > re-orientation
c.Abstrak > orientation > crisis > reaction > coda
d.Orientation > evaluation > complication
e.Newsworthy events > background events > sources

17.What is the main idea of third paragraph?
a.I went to bed hoping she was safe
b.She would back tomorrow
c.Mom and dad went outside to look for Sandy
d.The writer’s mom went to call Sandy back in
e.The writer’s mom let Sandy out

Questions 18-21 refer to the following text!

One day I went to Bandung with my friend for a vacation. We went there on night bus when we arrived in Cianjur, the bus stopped for a rest. I got of the bus to get a cup of coffee, but my friend didn’t. He went to a mosque to pray. It took only a few minutes to pray, but when I came out again the bus was not there. It had gone! Shocked and confused.  I asked the shopkeeper about the bus. She said that the bus had departed about five minutes ago.

I tried to call my friend on my cell phone, but the battery was running low. I couldn’t do anything but hope and pray. After several minutes, my wish came true. The bus came back! Got on the bus and walked to my seat. I was so ashamed when everybody on the bus looked at me. I could feel my face turn red.

I asked my friend why she didn’t tell the driver that I was still outside.

“I did, I told him several times that you were outside, but he said that you were in the bus toilet because he saw a man going into the toilet,” my friend replied, laughing. The other passengers smiled at me. I was so embarrassed.

18.What did the story tell us about ....?
a.The writer was left by the bus on his trip to Bandung
b.The writer arrived in Cianjur to visit his relatives
c.The writer could contact his friend with the cell phone
d.The writer got of the bus to get a cup a coffee
e.The writer and his friend enjoyed their trip to Bandung

19. What did the writer do when the bus stop for a rest in Cianjur ....?
a.Drank a cup of coffee and prayed
b.Bought souvenir and went to the toilet
c.Drank a cup of coffee
d.Drank a cup of milk and bought souvenir
e.Drank a cup of coffee and went to the toilet

20. Why couldn’t the writer cell his friend?
a.He didn’t bring his cell phone
b.The battery was running low
c.The writer’s cell phone was stolen
d.The writer’s cell phone was broken
e.There was not any signal in his cell phone

21.How did the writer fell?
a.He felt happy
b.He felt awful
c.He felt sad
d.He felt angry
e.He felt shy

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