7 Contoh Personal Letter dalam Bahasa Inggris

1. Sharing Information

Kuala Lumpur, 22 August 2020

Dear Marilia,.
Hi Marilia, I’m sorry  because this is the first letter for you since I promised you to send you letter as soon as possible when I have arrived in Kuala Lumpur.   In fact, I did so much preparation before started studying in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM). I found some difficulties to speak in Malay language. Therefore, I should take private course to know Malay language as well as possible. I also need some translator to help me in understanding some articles.

Even though, I found some difficulties here. But day by day, I could be comfort here because many people here are very friendly for all foreigners including me. Now, I am very happy to study English Literature here because many classmates also supported me very well.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is the best university in Malaysia. It’s a very deep for education. History, English, Science, Gigs, Art, Physical, Math, and so on. I hope you will come here as soon as possible to study here and become my classmates.

Now, this is the end of the letter. I hope the letter will arrive early there!

Sincerely yours,


2. Replying the letter

Manila,  24 August 2020

Dear Carolina,
Thank you so much for your first letter. Even though it’s rather late but it’s really appreciated. Thank for information about your experience in Kuala Lumpur, especially your experience to be the new students in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. It’s really fantastic, and I hope that you will be enjoy studying there. And I Always pray for your success there.

On this moment, I also want to give you news that I have been accepted as one the students in Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta. And my major is International Law. I have thought and considered many times to decide going to Jakarta. And I finally I decided studying international law in Indonesia.

It was hard for me to decide because we also have promised studying in the same University. But, unfortunately I couldn’t study in Malaysia because my grand mother was living in Jakarta. I know it’s not good news for you but I have to decide my future. I hope you will understand about this condition. Trust me, we will support each other even though we live in different city and different country.
Hopefully, that you will be success in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you!

Your best friend,


3. Telling Experience in Hospital

Pekanbaru, 16 August 2020

Dear Sarah,

Hi Sarah,  how are you? It’s been a month since I last heard from you. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I was  hospitalized in Awal Bross Hospital in Pekanbaru since last week. According to the doctor; I was infected by dengue fever and I need to be hospilalized here for several weeks.

At first, I felt my body became weak then I fainted when I was studying in the classroom. Then, I was taken to the hospital because of the high fever.

At the hospital, I was brought into the emergency unit. The doctor immediately gave some treatment. Finally, I had to stay there for one week. Everyday the doctor kept me on a drip.

At the seventh day, my condition was getting better. After the final check, the doctor gave me permission to go home. Now, I’m okay and because of my illness, I am now more careful about keeping in my house clean especially my room, I don’t want to get the same illness again.

OK, I think that’s all from me, write to me soon ok?

 Your Faithfully,


4. Expressing upset 

August 25th, 2020

Dear Ryan,

I have to say it’s still hard for me  to accept your reason why you didn’t come to my birthday party. Even though, I have received your letter explaining your inability to come here yesterday. As you know, I celebrated my birthday without you. It was truly a great moment for me. The birthday party was arranged at our residence at 7pm.

My home was beautifully decorated by our friends. New curtains, flower-pots, some paintings, and posters looked so cool. I bought all I need for the party from the market. I invited all our close friends and relatives.

I cut the cake after blowing the candles and wishing. Everyone sang the birthday song happily. Tasty dishes, including hot coffee and tea were served. The guests presented me many wonderful gifts. I enjoyed the party a lot. I really upset for this situation although many guests were enjoyed the party.

Yours sincerely


5. Sharing Information

Perth, 12 August 2020

Dear My  best friend,  Sonia

Hello Sonia, how are you?  Hopefully you the joy and success around you today and always be forever. Sonia,  I have new  friend.  He is  Billy. . He live next to my house. He is twenty years old. He is handsome and smart. He likes Math. It is so different with me. I prefer Science than Math.

Billy is not only smart in Math but also he is very friendly and  elegant. He looks like the trendsetter in nowadays era. He is also very respect other people. I like his character very much.

By the way, how’s your mother? Is she in healthy condition? I so miss her and also miss you so much! I miss Indonesia. Sometime when I walk around Perth suddenly I remember you. I miss you there. Please, reply my letter soon. I’m waiting for it. See you…

Your Best Regard,


6. Inviting Someone

August  8th, 2020

Dear Father and Mother,

Hi My lovely Mom and Dad! I was really happy to see you at my graduation ceremony, and I hope that Mom is recovering from your high blood pressure soon. It can’t be imagine if there is no Dad and No mom in graduation celebration. It’s meaningful day for me and also for us.

I really need your coming here, but if it’s impossible for you all to come here so it doesn’t matter. For me your happiness and your healthy is number one. I must be strong to face this situation although I still hope that you all can attend my graduation celebration. Get well soon Mom. I’m excited to come and to see you soon. Let me know if Saturday will be ok for my coming.

Your Son,


7. Introducing Self

Hello... Jessica,

This is Ratapong from Vietnam. We know each other from  facebook.  Before I start talking, I'd like to tell you first that I cannot speak English very well. So please don't mind if I make a mistake of grammar and spelling.

Well, My name is Ratapong.  But people call me only  Kong. Kong is  my nickname. I am 20 years old. I am a law student. This year is my last year of my bachelor degree. I like reading but I'm not a good student.  I live in Ho Chi Minh. It's one of the biggest l city in Vietnam.  I stay with my father and my mother. I also have 2 dogs. They are all family members in my family. I wish I could have brother or sister. My parent have a small thai restaurant. So I work with them as an employee, they give me money too. I keep all money for my trips. My school is an open university. So I don't have to be in school every classes. Normally, I go to school for exam and pay fee for school. So most of the time, I work for my parents at their restaurant and study myself whenever I have free time.

I love travelling, and always wanna travel around the world. But it seems need big money. So these years I will try to travel around Asia first. I already plan to go to 3 countries in this year. Next month I will go to South Laos with a girl friend and I will go back to Laos again alone. And I'm thinking of going to Malaysia and  Thailand  later. But your country also looks very interesting! Maybe I will go to Indonesia o\instead. But can you tell me about your country. Where I should visit and please give me some useful advice to travel there. I'd be happy to get information from real Indonesian people, Not from the book!

Well, I think I'm talking too much now haha. So it's your turn to tell me about your life! I'd love to know you more and we can be a good friends for each other. Don't forget to write me back. I can't wait to see your letter now! So exciting! Alright I hope you have a very good day and talk to you soon. Good bye for now Sisca.

Faithfully yours,


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