8 Millennials' Philosophy

Millennials are young people who were born between the 1980s and 2003s. Their presence in this highly developed and modern world is auspicious time for all of them. Besides,  they were born in a world that is completely modern and various advanced technologies are available.

Smart , intelligent, innovative, creative and communicative are the first impressions that we will imagine when we hear millennials. Millennial is the trend of of young people who live in millennial times and it turns out constantly changing and experiencing which can be  seen from their modern and perfect.

They have also been born in the era of the industrial revolution for various sectors of life like education, economy, health, democracy, and also modern lifestyles.

Along with the advancement of time and information technology that is constantly experiencing a shift towards a better direction, then they have also changed their mindsets, perspectives, principles and also their philosophy of life.

Some changes about the lifestyle and principles of millennials also make them more resilient and stronger in producing work. Work that will be useful for their future which will certainly be even more competitive in the future.

So, there is no need to blame each other because the time and era also has been changed. The most popular philosophies are:

1.  Social media is self image and self-esteem

The presence of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Line, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Path and so on has helped them in building their image and self-esteem. Almost all millennials have accounts for all of these social media.

The function and usability of social media is needed by them today. Both for the sake of learning, working, socializing, promoting, their business interests and even social media sometimes become their mouthpieces / speakers or their spokespersons in various problems and circumstances.

Nowadays social media cannot be separated from millennial life. From morning until nightfall, millennials will depend on social media as a place where they interact with friends, friends, family and strangers that they can make friends and friends.

In addition, the impact of social media presence as a substitute for direct interaction seems to provide new habits for us to always share the moments and activities that we are doing. Many end up inadvertently confide in or

sharing private life without knowing the boundaries of the private and public domains.

Indications that the function of social media has now shifted from being a substitute for direct interaction to a stage of self-expression. Social media provides a feature for us to share thoughts, opinions, and experiences that sometimes or unintentionally enter into our own private sphere and seem to vent.

Admire, praise and recognition of the social status of many people can meet human needs for pride. Someone will feel proud of himself when he feels that he has done something "significant" on one (or more) social media platforms that he uses. Social recognition from people on social media is ultimately able to provide a feeling of happiness for someone who uses it. Social recognition can be obtained when someone tells about his personal life (confide) which then get a positive response from many people on social media.

2. Best performance is simple and practical

Prime performance / best performance for millennial is simple and practical. They will not like anything that is too fashionable in appearance. They also don't like to be arranged in choosing clothes and clothes that are suitable for them. They are more confident with information from social media than even a famous clothing design designer.

They also will not immediately say yes and share all the information they get from social media, let alone hoaks (false news / false information). They will cross check with similar information from different sources and even different social media, and after all they will certainly make a conclusion and also a decision. They will also rollicking counter hoaks and even bullying people who spread hoaks.

3. The closest family is a gadget)

Various internet devices and cellular devices have changed the principles and mindset of millennial life. A principle that is greatly influenced by technological advances and the rise of various mobile devices today. A principle that has links, mixes and matches with their lives today.

Millennials will also not use their mobile devices for things that are not good. They will also be selective in choosing friends, sharing job information, online learning places, sharing experiences with friends, and choosing online games.

The impact of the many mobile devices with various types, brands, features and applications that are in it has made millennials closer to these devices. They have made mobile devices a part of the family that will never scold them. They can do all their college work, study online, office work and other work with their mobile devices from home, without having to leave the house.

Millennials will sometimes also be very difficult to be invited to communicate even tend to not connect with what we ask. They are very focused on their gadgets to search for various information available on mobile devices applications. So that parents and friends sometimes tend to be furious and ask them to stop their mobile device activities momentarily.

4. Best friend is a delivery package application

Various food order and delivery package applications that exist in mobile devices have made it easier for users. When they are hungry when work is still very much and piled up, they will tend to order food via the food delivery application on their mobile devices.

In this millennial era human needs for something can be obtained easily and practically. Food order delivery is not something new and foreign. Everything is available, just push which restaurants and cafes we choose to order the food and drinks we want.

Millennials have demanded that everything be practical, long-winded and able to arrive on time. Especially for those who live in big cities full of traffic jams. Facilities and food delivery order applications in their gadget devices are an oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert.

5. The best way to learn is via online

The presence of various online learning applications today has changed the principles of millennial generation learning from conventional learning to digital-based learning.

Sophisticated mobile devices have provided various online learning resources ranging from free ones to paid online learning resources. Strangely, they are even more absorbed in learning. In that way rather than face to face with the coach, teacher or tutor.

6. The best teacher is google

Of the various online learning applications that exist today would have been very helpful to the millennial to add to their scientific insights. But when there is doubt they will immediately cross-check with learning resources and other places to ask questions.

They have made Google a teacher who is never angry and can even provide varied answers so that they can deduce which answer is most appropriate for them.

Unlike when they ask directly with the teacher or the tutor, the answers given usually come from one source so there is no other comparison. So asking Google is sometimes more beneficial than asking a teacher who teaches lessons.

But this is certainly specific to the realm of knowledge. While for the realm of attitude and skills must still be asked and tested directly by the teacher who mastered the subject. But with the Google web browser, their teacher has increased by one. And this teacher who is named Google will never be angry and disappointed with these millennials.

7. The best reference learning resource is an ebook

In writing scientific papers such as papers, theses, theses and other scientific works, millennials prefer electronic books (ebooks) than conventional books.

Judging from the workings of millennials who cannot be far from international devices and other mobile devices, the ebook is the right choice in finding references because it is directly connected to their mobile devices.

Work becomes practical and saves time without having to go to a bookstore or visit a library with the same goal to find references to scientific papers. They just need to do it at home and just book the type of book, pay via a banking application on their mobile and can directly download the ebook.

8. Choose to buy something online

It is undeniable that today's society prefers online shopping along with the many promos of goods of various types through the social media. The growth of purchases of goods via online is fairly fantastic. From the results of a survey conducted in 2018 by the ministry of communication and information it turns out that the value of online shopping is estimated at 144 trillion with the number of people shopping online in Indonesia at around 24.7 million people.

The trend will definitely increase from year to year. An extraordinary number. The impact is that this growth makes the online business ecosystem even more tempting because online shopping trends do offer so much convenience compared to having to visit shopping centers in various cities. The increase in online shopping is not without reason, there are several things we need to learn why the trend continues to increase.

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